We are a Latin American network of consultants in strategic communication, with extensive experience in Public Relations, Marketing, Internal Communications, Event Management and Digital Communication. Our customers consider us  excellent strategic allies for business directories in Marketing and Sales departments, as well as being responsible for social and community development, like human resources.


latamPR Network offers a fast and reliable basis to disseminate information within Latin America, and from our region to the rest of the world.​


Welcome to the Network of latamPR, a strategic partner in corporate communications in Latin America.

Strategic Communications

We advise many of our clients in strategic communications at management level in regards to positioning, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility and corporate communications. This work has positioned us frequently in the management and implementation of major research programs, audit and planning.


We are involved in programs covering the full spectrum of marketing and communications. The services in this category include:

• Integrated Communication Planes
• Direct Publicity
• Institutional Events
• Public Relations
• Strategic Alliances
• Communication support programs
• Sponsorships



The management of multinational organizations or large corporations requires that public information is available on time.


We identify the context, trends and likely outcomes of the various legislative, sectoral and policy initiatives in Latin America and how they impact our customers. By using our extensive network of contacts for decision-making, we deliver a comprehensive service that includes the following:

• Strategic information services
• Strategic analysis and advice (in communication and courses of action)
• Lobbying Campaigns
• Match-making
• Association / management coalition 
• Training in public affairs

Corporate Communications 

We start from the proven fact that the best results in terms of reputation, positioning and awareness are achieved with the integration of channels and tactics combined with solutions tailored to each challenge and available within budget with monitoring tools and precise criteria for measuring results.


Our agencies are experts in their countries; they have the know-how and the tools to adapt corporate communication strategies of each organization to the market reality.


Our corporate communication strategies use various channels:

• Press
• Social Media
• Face to Face Events
• Public Relation Campaigns
• TV Marketing
• Direct Marketing
• Brand Experiences (BTL)

Internal Communications

Experience has taught us the importance of the proper transmission of messages from organizations to their employees, in an effective way to counteract the obstacles and to use the strengths that motivate action, and to generate compression, compromises and alignment efforts; as well as generation through engagement through a wide variety of tactics, products and tools.

latamPR helps the company’s communicators and their department of human resources to: 

  • Understand their current situation through audits, focus, surveys and other diagnostic tools.

  • Focus the employees on the corporate objectives to work in the same direction. 

  • Integrating staff functions and encouraging teamwork

  • Manage communication channels and programs for employees

  • Turning employees into " brand champions "

  • Convert leaders in effective communicators and role models

  • Determine the role of communication in mergers, acquisitions and changes in general organizations

Project Management of Communications

Our senior teams work to design and implement specific organizational communication strategy projects. 


We are able to direct our clients with temporary management when the team is without an inner leader and requires immediate management. 



We are experts in the development of news content and creative formats for delivery. We help our clients to formulate their messages and communicate them effectively with their target audience. 

Some products and services in this category include:

• Press office services (planning, key messages, content, distribution, monitoring, informing of free press) 
• Media tours and press trips
• Organizing activities for journalists
• Database for communication methods and lists of contacts
• Photography and video services 
• Advising spokespersons
• Designing press kits (print and digital)
• Press video notes
• Webinars



A successful event - either an international conference, a product launch or panel discussion for an exclusive group - is based on careful conceptualization, planning and implementation.


Our contribution will give relevance to that event assuring it becomes a memorable experience for your guests and generate

a return on investment.

Management services LatamPR events include:

• Themed design and creative concept
• Management of space (scouting, lifting, rendering visuals)
• Planning "turnkey" events and management.
• Technical assembly and preparing spaces 
• Hiring specialty providers (catering, hostesses and promoters, talent, music composition, safety, photography and video, decoration, etc.)
• Distribution of invitations, RSVPs 
• Branding for the event spaces
• Event promotion and support in Public Relations



Products and services support strategies for internal and external communication that are standard in all countries:

• Development of creative concepts (for campaigns, promotions, events and brand experiences) 
• 2D and 3D design 
• Photo editing and final arts 
• Animations in different formats 
• Recording and video editing
• Web design and maintenance, and development of apps. 
• Coordination of print production 
• Consulting and branding of pop material
• Media plans for advertising purposes
• Design of digital profiles for brands / organizations, and management of their social networks. 
• Digital market strategies and optimization of Internet presence.




We specialize in the designing and application of communication strategies for brand´s positioning, visibility and promotion, through digital media. 

By using the right strategy, we can achieved the objectives planned optimizing the times, the tools and, above all, the client's investment. All this with the possibility of having real measurements to perfect the tactics.

We have an integrated team of social communicators, specialists in digital advertising, and graphic and creative designers, who analyze each client´s necessity to understand the characteristics of its product or service, in order to determine the best digital promotion strategy.

With a correct digital marketing strategy companies can:

• Improve brand positioning and build branding.
• Have interactive communication with their users, clients and another audiences of interest.
• Generate more traffic to their web sites, which can also mean monetizing each visit.
• Disseminate corporate information of the company, its events and exclusive contents.
• Get leads, and also educate and retain customers

• Generate followers communities. Consolidate trust and interact with key audiences both internal and external

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