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Each of our directors has more than 15 years of experience in public relations and communications services, giving our network the ability and expertise to develop the best strategies needed to achieve our clients goals in each country. 


More than that, we are also able to fully understand the culture of foreigners, as our companies have worked for a long time with diverse industries in different cultures.


Welcome to latamPR Network, your strategic communications partner in Latin America.


Our Network


We are driven by communication. We aim to spread our enthusiasm and to find the best ways to get the message to our target audiences.

We are innovative, creative and dreamers.

We know what and how to communicate to reach and surpass our clients’ objectives.

Our CEO and Founder, Elsa Petersen, has been active in the tourism industry for more than 40 years. It is due to her continuous professional growth and impressive results, that she is recognized as an important reference among tour operators in Argentina.

We are a multidisciplinary team with a clear focus on communications and marketing, we evaluate the best opportunities for the positioning of each of our clients through the analysis of market and industry tendencies. We develop and execute our proposals with passion and dedication. We enjoy challenges, design tailor-made plans and seek to be a true partner of our clients. Our goal is for you to achieve success in your projects.

●    Representations in South America
●    Planning of events, conferences, fairs and exhibitions;
●    Product and Service launches
●    Training carried out in-person or through our e-learning platform
●    Sales Calls
●    Press Trips
●    Fam Tours
●    Press Management
●    Brand Positioning


GrupoCASA historically has served as Silicon Graphics innovative companies in the early 90’s and more recently Waze, Xiaomi, Medisafe among others.


We have subsidiaries in London and New York, from which we focus on bringing startups from Latin America to the UK.


GrupoCASA was established in 1988 and we had more than 350 customers, all in the area of technology, innovation, creative industries, design and finance.




Our services are public relations, design, social media, strategic alliances and events.


Strategic communications agency founded in 2001, that focuses on delivering an efficient and effective advice to their clients, allowing them to build ties with key audiences, or to strength its position, increase their visibility and generate a solid image.


Innovating in communication is our passion and vision, as we want to be an extension of our clients with an experiences team, influential networks and partnerships that promote a high level of performance, achieving a fair return for the business.


BMR is a part of M&A Group, holding more than 10 years of experience with local and international presence.


BMR has 15 years of experience in corporate communications. Helping to develop a comprehensive work, maintaining local partnerships with various companies, also to leverage the strengths and experiences of its professionals: the media agency “Briones & Asociados” agency strategies and ideas “AWA Group”, the research company market, “Corpa” and event production and marketing “Degree”.


•    Media Relations
•    Community Relations 
•    CSR
•    Public relations 
•    Crisis management
•    Media plans
•    Events
•    Brand PR 
•    International communication
•    Business media 
•    Training Media (media training and crisis spokesperson) 
•    Digital communication (marketing content and digital marketing)




Comunicar con el corazón más que con la razón, es lo que busca nuestro equipo de expertos en Vega & Jaramillo. A lo largo de estos 15 años en el mercado colombiano, hemos comprobado que los mensajes más memorables y exitosos son los que despiertan emociones entre las audiencias de los clientes. De ahí que nuestra primera tarea es encontrar una narrativa innovadora e inspiradora: ¿Qué historia está contando hoy su marca sobre el tema que quiere comunicar? y ¿cuál debería contar a futuro para lograr un mayor impacto? 


Aplicando nuestros conocimientos en comunicación corporativa, relaciones públicas, periodismo y dramaturgia, hemos desarrollado una metodología propia que nos permite encontrar esa narrativa única y sugestiva para resolver la necesidad del cliente en términos de visibilidad y relación con sus stakeholders. Nuestros modelos exclusivos BrandStar  y StoryCorp nos permiten encontrar el “corazón que hay detrás de la información”, y así desplegar una estrategia, con énfasis en storytelling, en canales de prensa, relaciones públicas, digitales, eventos, etc. 


En Vega & Jaramillo estamos convencidos de que la mejor herramienta de comunicación que existe es una buena historia. No solo por su poder de emocionar y hacer reflexionar a una audiencia, sino porque una historia es la mejor forma de destacar un mensaje corporativo en medio de esta avalancha de información que recibimos a diario.


Nuestra agencia nació hace más de 15 años y fue creada por Adriana Vega y Aida Jaramillo. Adriana venía del mundo periodístico (fue directora y editora de importantes revistas en Colombia) y Aida veía de ser jefe de prensa de importantes empresas. Sus dos fortalezas se unieron para hacer una agencia que hace periodismo para sus clientes y que a su vez ha construido relaciones serias y profesionales con los periodistas, directores y editores del país. Gracias a estas sólidas relaciones tenemos un importante nivel de convocatoria a los eventos y de credibilidad en los medios.


  • Relaciones Públicas y Oficina de Prensa

  • Estrategias Integrales con Storytelling

  • Comunicación Digital (Estrategia, administración y gestión de redes sociales)

  • Diseño y desarrollo de Narrativa Corporativa

  • Contenidos (Editoriales, Digitales, Audiovisuales)

  • Gestión de Manejo de Crisis.

  • Capacitación de voceros (Manejo de Medios, Crisis y Storytelling)


Communication Consulting Group  


We are a communication company specialized in the organization of corporate events and consulting founded in Guatemala in 1999. We offer our clients "a business partner"; Respect and ethics, dynamism, enthusiasm, confidentiality; Extensive knowledge and cordiality with directors, editors and reporters of Guatemalan media and international agencies.



Our organization is proficient in conceptualizing, implementing and organizing events with additional experience in consulting. Our attention to details, and close to 20 years of communication experience, has led us to be considered by our clients as one of the most important and reliable partners for the achievement of their institutional objectives, as well as for the performance of their business activities and Projection to the community.




Communication: public relations (press management, public affairs, problem management or crisis, lobbying, investor relations, government relations, community outreach), graphic and architectural design (development of corporate and graphic identity, design, construction and Remodeling of architectural spaces such as offices, sales rooms, stands, etc.), trainings (training or workshops on various topics, management of interviews with media, personal and executive image, speech, learning to listen, spelling and commercial writing) , Advertising (Conceptualization, design and production of advertising campaigns, including traditional and alternative media, media planning and selection, monitoring), digital marketing (Conceptualization, design and production of digital marketing campaigns, Media planning and selection, monitoring).


Organization of corporate events: commercial missions, press conferences, product launches, congresses, conventions, conferences, incentive trips, corporate events.

Consultancy: Development of marketing strategies, internal and external communication for personalities, community projects, private companies, non-profit entities, etc.

ciic comunicaciones

P&I work with companies and brands in diversified industries. We believe in relationships of trust, quality, efficiency and proximity. We create dynamic and comprehensive communication and branding strategies, we ensure the projection, position and protecting the reputation of our clients and their brands.


Founded in 2000, P&I have a varied and extensive experience advising companies in the entertainment, fashion, consumer, corporate communication, and technology and government communication.


As part of their academic vocation, P&I first organized in 2016 in Mexico City EXMA congress, the largest in Latin America marketing platform.


P&I services cover all aspects necessary for the creation and consolidation of a good brand communication: 

•    Press relations 

•    Crisis management 

•    Marketing content 

•    Storytelling 

•    Social media 

•    Corporate communication

•    Internal communication

P&I mexico

Smartcom Panama is the integrated marketing consultant sister of the original communications agency in Venezuela. Even with the same body of shareholders, brand identity and work philosophy that favors service excellence, innovation and flexibility. Smartcom is an agency that operates independently of the matrix.


With just over four years of direct presence in the Panamanian market we have developed important projects for key sectors of the country such as, banking and finance, insurance, logistics and freight transport, retail trade, consulting services, shipping services, cold chain, security, payment and food, among others. Managing to win the trust of brands such as ASSA insurance Company DHL express, National Insurance Group, Kantar World panel, Global Cold chain systems, Unigreen (Evergreen) Arka HR and Zientte, among others.


Smartcom has a staff of communicators, facilitators, producers and creative working in synergy to deliver the best communication solutions to customers in various areas of expertise:

●    Communication strategies and press office services (for corporations, SME’s, entrepreneurship and start ups) 
●    Endo- marketing and internal communications management
●    Workshops and training programs in company for the development of social and communication skills 
●    Development of brand experiences and events organization 
●    Services in digital marketing and social media management 
●    Creativity, graphic design and animations 
●    Services in branding and brand identity development 
●    Production and content for different formats


Carolyn Izzo Integrated Communications (CIIC), based in New York and staff in Miami and partners in Los Angeles, has a team of writers and strategists that create talking points and help brands communicate in creatives ways by using public relations, digital media and position campagins. We are experts in delivering intelligent, refreshing results- oriented with a deep knowledge of the hospitality and toursim industry union work.


The agency was founded in 1996 and today has directors of the largest agencies in the world, including Lee Manning Selvage, Quinn & Co,. Newlink and Murphy O’Brien.


CIIC specializes in destination marketing, position, promotional parternships, digital communciations and event planning. We are experts in tourism with key contacts in the travel industry.

As the name implies, CIIC is characterized by its focus on strategic collaboration in public relations, showing results unprecedented success in directing the staff of a mark on the creative process and giving customers and partners a project integreted brand model, as well as a communications stratgey including brand development, media relations, business to business programs, digital marketing services, etc.


We have a very competent and efficient team, composed of experts from the toursim sector, writers and producers of highly qualitfied events.

•    Development of creative and strategic campaigns public realtions 
•    Development of electronic press kit 2016
•    Development of creative angles and press release 
•    Ensuring media coverage of high profile print, online and TV/Radio
•    Media relations program for the US market
•    Relations program bloggers and influencers 
•    Development sponsorships and promotions Co-brands
•    Executive internviews/Media Tour 
•    Promotion holiday packages 
•    Event press high profile 
•    Communication programs B2B
•    Public reatlions support for promotion and marketing campaigns 
•    Press trips- individual and group
•    Training spokespeopl
•    Development and document management 
•    Newsroom and mangemetn services 
•    Crisis communication 
•    Support for trade (trade shows) 
•    Development and dissemination of newletters for the consumer industry
•    Internal communication program
•    Development of content and advice for social networking platforms
•    Promotions and meetings/conventions and incentive travel

ciic comunicaciones

SmartCom is an agency of integrated marketing communications, founded in Caracas in 1999, with the mission to support organizations and effectively managing their communication processes for building a positive corporate image and reputation.


After a decade of success in front of communication projects of major franchises, local companies and multinational corporations, the agency has drawn the country’s difficulties in recent years accompanying its clients with advice and flexible solutions to face the challenges of the market and timely responses to crises that have arisen.


Our success is based not only on the know-how but the accumulation of over seventeen years of operations in Venezuela, the commitment to sustainability and innovation of its shareholders, as well as ethics and commitment to our team of young professionals, creative and dynamic, who see every difficulty as a challenge and opportunities during a crisis.


We are a flexible agency with capacity to reinvent itself and offer services to their customers per their client’s needs. Our customers consider Smartcom a vital ally in developing their marketing strategies and communication, even in times of difficulty and social changes.


We have a deep knowledge of the market, the media and the idiosyncrasy of the consumer; as well as extensive experience in key sectos such as energy and oil, financial services and insurance, health, technology, automative, food logistics and shipments, virtual trade and media, among others. We have worked with prestigious brands such as; Unilever, Colgate-Palolive, MSD, Belcorp, Motorola, Statoil, Chrysler, Chevron, Discovery, Network, Banco Venezolano de Credito, Insurance Occidental, DHL, among others.

•    Management of Public Relations and Press Office 
•    Crisis management and contingency 
•    Effective communication and training of spokespeople 
•    Consulting and management of internal communications 
•    Strategies for digital marketing and social media management 
•    Creative concepts, graphic design and animation 
•    Organization of corporate events 
•    Web design and digital campaigns

ciic comunicaciones